Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Valentines in the Big Smoke

We had a great time on Valentine's weekend in Toronto. Three perfect days of gallery and museum hopping which inluded Casa Loma, Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum. We also saw an IMax movie and had a wonderful dinner at the Keg on Valentine's Eve - very romantic! I really wish I would have taken more pics but here is what I did manage.

Casa Loma

Toronto Architecture

Statue of Sir Winston Churchill

Interesting Valentine sentiment

Royal Ontario Museum

Art Gallery of Ontario

Rideau Canal and Perth

These pics are from a trip through McCoy Travel that we did last fall. A bit chilly but overall a really wonderful day.

Picton in Winter or Swans on Ice

For all you beach lovers who think Picton is a tourist town only for the summer months, you will be pleasantly surprised as we were today on our trip from Kingston to Picton via the Quinte Loyalist Ferry.Our wait at the ferry dock was only about 5 minutes but I was able to snap a few pictures while waiting. A little chilly, but worth it nonetheless. On the ferry we saw Robin Williams! Well, no it wasn’t really Robin Williams but a fellow named Gerry that we know, who, coincidently looks exactly like Mr. Williams with his beard! I tried to snap a picture of him on the way back but we didn’t see him again.We boarded the ferry and decided to get out of our car and brave the frosty winds, and again it was well worth it to see the sturdy ferry break through the ice without so much as a shudder. Well done!Right after disembarking, we made a left turn up to Lake of the Mountain, which is exactly as its name implies, a beautiful lake on top of the mountain overlooking the Bay of Quinte. It has a rich history and to this day no one knows exactly how the lake is fed. It defies all logic, but yet it was there right before our eyes. We had visited last summer, but it was equally beautiful in February.We then took a jaunt around Prince Edward County and area to see the beautiful vistas of this breathtakingly scenic area. Again, equally amazing in winter as in the summer months but very different - definitely not as crowded!I then begged Scott to stop at Timmies in Picton and we happily headed back, again via the ferry, to Kingston.The drive back was just as breathtaking when we stopped to see a flock of geese that was enjoying the warm waters beside the Lennox Generating Station. When we stopped, we were amazed to find that four beautiful swans had stopped in to see what the geese were up to. I quickly snapped up some pics before they were gone. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! I was so delighted. They looked so ethereal out on the ice. Beautiful!